Tuesday, June 12, 2012

father's day

 I love my dad, and since Father's day is coming up soon, I made him something homemade, 1. Because I didn't have any money, and 2. It feels more original and sincere that way, of course!

So that's why I got a plain (yellow!) paper bag and covered it with green stars with my star puncher (which Emily said looked like boogers!), and I made him a coupon sheet (inspired by this), and a home-made card made with my brand-new cardstock and again, star-puncher (I swear, I would die without that thing!)

Some of the coupons include the "Alyssa 'Shut Up' for 30 minutes" coupon, a free back-rub for 15 minutes, a "Pissy Alyssa will turn into Happy Alyssa" coupon, a coupon for 10 free compliments, a Free gift of his choice (a 20 dollar limit), and Breakfast in Bed (since my dad wakes up at 4:00 AM on weekends, I put 8:00 AM- 11:00 AM just so I won't have to wake up at three to make pancakes and coffee :)

 Then I tried to make some of the words connect to the stars I put all over the card (I didn't have any creative thinking at the time) and it ended up with "You SHINE brighter than any dad in the world!" Then inside, I wrote on the left side "No matter where I go in life, or who I'll get married to, you'll always be my number 1 man." Then at the right side, I used some black glitter letters and some pink fabric and wrote I <3 YOU! and then covered the border with stars. The whole card was trying to make him feel like a good dad, who shined above all the others (in my opinion :)

Oh, and I made my little sister make her own card for my dad. Hehe.

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